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location in South Africa province Eastern Cape, Somerset East, Somerset East

R8 700 000

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Property Description

The farm is situated in the Kommadagge area, west of the N10 and North of the Little Fish River. This property was historically a small stock farm. The current owner however purchased and developed it specifically for high value game breeding. The entire farm has been re developed. All internal fencing is new, the external game fence, pumps etc are all new and the house and labourers house have both undergone a complete revamp. The farm was chosen for the combination of open flats that make for easy monitoring, capture and handling of game, wooded drainage lines that afford both shade, shelter and browse where necessary and irrigation which ensures food security. Considerable though, effort and money have been sunk into the infrastructure to make this ideal for the valuable animals it will sustain.If one is looking to get into the high value game industry, this farm is perfect. The openness and comparative flatness of the property allows for easy management, while the topography and drainage lines have just enough feature and shelter to add the shade and security necessary for some species. The infrastructure, in terms of fencing and land layout is superb and the irrigation provides all the food security one could ask for. The climate is dry, which helps with internal parasites, and the combination of accessibility, relative openness and superb netting fencing should make predator control relatively simple. These facets, coupled with the fact that there is already an extremely valuable nucleus of established colour variant Blesbuck will provide a lot of momentum for an incoming buyer.The price of R8,7M excludes VAT if applicable and includes a brand new baler, lucerne cutter, plus a tractor and various other implements, but excludes all introduced game).

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